"It's just a bunch of people saying 'We're not worthy' in key."

-On religious hymns

Show and Tell Podcast Episode 2 (June 24 2011)

"I've caught a few family members on this, and everyone I catch doing it I—I press on this one point really really firmly, 'cause I'm dying to know. I want to know. When someone refers to God as being male, I'm just like 'Okay. What do God's testicles produce?'...and the best part is, people will think about it. People won't say 'Gabriel, shut up, you're being an idiot.' They'll go 'Huh. That's a fucking—you know, that's an interesting holy point, why isn't there a whole, you know, religious studies topic devoted to what's in God's testicles?'"

-On the masculinity of deities

Show and Tell Podcast Episode 2 (June 24 2011)

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