"[Sarcastic] I remember, you know, in Resident Evil 4, I shot a thing's head off and I think I cried for eight straight days and stopped going to work."

-On Australia's censoring of Left 4 Dead 2's gore

Show and Tell Podcast Episode 0 (April 13 2011)

"[Sarcastic] How dare video games remind me of the violence inherent in my own species."

-On the pointlessness of hiding violence

Let's Play Dreamweb (part 1/4) (April 9 2012)

"Channel 7 once played a TV edit of Pulp Fiction with all the fucks censored out. That's—you've no idea of the level of stupid achievement that these morons can go to to get a thing on the TV."

-On editing for television

Let's Play Dreamweb (part 1/4) (April 9 2012)

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